Wear resistant hardbanding alloys for the worldwide petroleum industry

Over Half a Century of Innovation
About Arnco

Arnco Technology Trust, Ltd.

The technology behind Arnco's outstanding hardbanding alloys stretches back to 1946 when its founder Roman F. Arnoldy developed and patented a hardfacing alloy that helped revolutionize wear protection. In 1960, he developed and patented the Triten bulk welding process, which was the catalyst for the commercial exploitation of overlay alloy steel plate.

In 1992 this technology was extended to the hardbanding of drill strings by introducing one of the industry’s first casing-friendly hardbanding products, simultaneously protecting casing and drill string components from rapid abrasive wear.  Since then, Arnco Technology has developed a suite of products that offer a range of performance characteristics to address drill string and casing wear protection needs.

Research and alloy development has continued to keep pace with the growing demands of the industry for even more effective hardbanding products capable of withstanding extreme conditions experienced in deeper, more critical, directional and horizontal extended reach wells. With an emphasis on continuing R&D, Arnco actively pursues and invests in innovative alloy design technology that allows for sophisticated formulation and testing of next generation products.

Wherever the search for new sources of petroleum takes the industry Arnco will be there working alongside its customers, delivering superior products backed by superior service and support.