Wear resistant hardbanding alloys for the worldwide petroleum industry

Perfecting Pipes
More Extreme Drilling Environments Requires Smarter & Tougher Pipes
Arnco's Jason Arnoldy talks with drillingcontractors.org about some of Arnco's newest products designed to take on today's complex and challenging drilling environments.

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Need for higher efficiency, lower repair costs, real-time downhole data drive innovations in pipes, hardbanding

By Katie Mazerov, contributing editor
Greater operational efficiency

Using non-hardbanded drill pipe is no longer considered a good way to operate in today’s complex wells, asserted Jason Arnoldy, director of Arnco Technology, a manufacturer of hardbanding products. “Depending on the friction factor associated with the type of hardbanding used, it also can reduce torque and drag significantly, resulting in greater operational efficiencies such as lowered fuel costs from reduced rotating and sliding friction produced by the drill string.

The TCS Titanium hardbanding has unlimited field reapplication capabilities without removing existing hardbanding. Hardbanding is reapplied as needed, pending evaluation. NOV has 80 mobile hardband units that service all major E&P basins worldwide.

“When we think about hardbanding and the direction it’s going, we want to provide products  that are easily understood by the end user and address a range of needs for both the well operator and the drill pipe owner,” Mr Arnoldy said. “These days, the drill pipe owner wants a product that is low-cost and easy for an applicator to apply and re-apply. The key is providing non-cracking products that perform consistently and well in the field, and when they do wear down and go in for service, an additional layer of the same material can be applied problem-free and without having to remove or repair what was previously there.”

Arnco has developed the next generation of its legacy 100XT and 300XT hardbanding products for advanced casing and drill pipe protection. The 150XT was designed to increase wear resistance of the 100XT while maintaining its superior casing friendliness, while the 350XT provides ultra-high wear resistance, like 300XT, but with a non-cracking deposit, making it much more compatible upon re-application on top of itself and other products.

Arnco also is investing toward qualifying its next-generation products for extreme environments, such as sour service and HPHT wells. The 150XT and 350XT have been successfully tested as H2S-resistant, and additional testing is under way to evaluate the effects of extraordinary temperatures downhole on the microstructure of the hardbanding alloy. Arnco Technology’s NonMagXT is applied to non-magnetic drill collars that utilize specialized directional equipment to measure various parameters while drilling.

In response to the significant increase in use of non-magnetic drill collars with specialized directional equipment to measure various parameters while drilling, Arnco has developed NonMagXT hardbanding. “The tools required to house this specialized equipment are very expensive and must be non-magnetic to avoid interference with data transmission” Mr Arnoldy said.

The non-magnetic hardbanding, recently commercialized, was designed in partnership with a materials science firm that uses advanced computational modeling to develop advanced alloy systems for rapid testing and proof-of-concept evaluation. “In this case, through rapid sequencing and trial testing, the model ultimately produced an advanced non-magnetic (below a relative permeability reading of 1.01 per API Specification 7), iron-based hardbanding with very high hardness. Nickel-based non-magnetic hardbanding is difficult to apply and expensive due to the cost of raw materials required to produce it.”

100XT, 150XT, 300XT, 350XT and NonMagXT are trademarked terms of Arnco Technology. Tuffband NC and Duraband NC are registered terms of Postle Industries. Ultraband NM is a trademarked term of Postle Industries.