Wear resistant hardbanding alloys for the worldwide petroleum industry

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The Industry's Leading Wear Resistant Hardbanding


Arnco Technology has led the hardbanding industry since pioneering the use of casing-friendly hardbanding two decades ago. We pride ourselves on protecting your drill string and casing assets by developing leading edge solutions for ultimate wear-protection.

Staying ahead of the industry’s needs continues the drive to develop hardbanding alloys well suited for any drilling environment – an understanding gained from years of field experience in formations world-wide.

350XT Characteristics

• Industry-best tool joint protection
• Very casing-friendly
• Non-Cracking (single and double layer)
• No spalling, chipping, or flaking
• Re-application without previous layer removal


The 350XT is a metal cored wire that produces a hard (greater than 60 RHc), tough, highly wear-resistant and casing-friendly, NON-CRACKING deposit.

The ability to achieve such exceptional durability, while being casing-friendly and crack-free, is metallurgically based on carbides and borides that produce a grain structure forming tightly arranged hard phases interspersed in a strong, ductile matrix. The small nature of the carbides and borides puts less stress on the matrix allowing a crack free deposit combined with superior durability.

350XT can be applied easily on new tool-joints, and over itself an unlimited number of times without removal of the previous layer. The material can also be applied over Arnco 100XT and 150XT, as well as most competitive products, using proper procedures and an evaluation of the previous application.

When applied, 350XT produces a smooth, crack-free deposit with very little spatter requiring minimal post-weld cleanup.