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300XT WearSleeve BUXT
A Revolutionary Alternative to Traditional Hardbanding


Arnco Technology has led the hardbanding industry since pioneering the use of casing-friendly hardbanding two decades ago. We pride ourselves on protecting your drill string and casing assets by developing leading edge solutions for ultimate wear-protection.

Staying ahead of the industry’s needs continues the drive to develop hardbanding alloys well suited for any drilling environment – an understanding gained from years of field experience in formations world-wide.

WearSleeve Characteristics

  • Any Arnco Hardbanding
  • Disposable Product
  • Install on the Rig Floor
  • Eliminate Re-Application
  • Ideal for Highly Abrasive vand Remote Locations 


The Arnco WearSleeve™ is an innovative hardbanding solution utilizing a manufactured disposable sleeve with hardbanding alloy applied to the external surface that can be installed and removed on the rig floor requiring only manpower.

WearSleeve Advantages:

  • Visual inspection of hardbanding during tripping operations and removal / installation of worn WearSleeve™ on rig floor
  • Eliminates drill pipe transportation costs for hardbanding re-application
  • Eliminates need for rental or secondary drill string while application is taking place
  • Eliminates damage to internal plastic coating during traditional hardbanding application
  • Tool Joints maintain original bevel diameter for the duration of the drill pipe life cycle  
How it works:

  1. The pin-end is machined down by the width of the bevel and 10-gauge, left-hand Acme threads applied  to accept the WearSleeve™
  2. The WearSleeve™ is installed by fully rotating (to the left) until the product stops rotating
  3. Once drilling commences, the left-handed threads allow the WearSleeve™ to back of 1/8th of an inch, ultimately resting on the box-end bevel
  4. When break-out occurs, the WearSleeve™ can be removed by hand as a result of the left-hand threads and 1/8th inch back-off