Wear resistant hardbanding alloys for the worldwide petroleum industry

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The industry's fastest means of hardband removal


Arnco Technology has led the hardbanding industry since pioneering the use of casing-friendly hardbanding two decades ago. We pride ourselves on protecting your drill string and casing assets by developing leading edge solutions for ultimate wear-protection.

Staying ahead of the industry’s needs continues the drive to develop hardbanding alloys well suited for any drilling environment – an understanding gained from years of field experience in formations world-wide.

H.O.G. Characteristics

Operational Advantages:
  • Adjustable depth of cut
  • “Anti-Walking” system (pipe will not walk while grinding)
  • High speed removal with high speed roller jack stands
  • Portable with leveling control  (will fit in a standad 3/4 ton pickup)
  • Microprocessor controlled guide system for precise operator control
Key Features:
  • O.D. ranges 2”-12”, tubing, drill pipe, HeviWeight, drill collars, CW pads
  • Fast tilting  for grinding on 18º taper with no equipment changes
  • Corrects and removes eccentrically worn hardbanding
  • Removes hardbanding on non-eccentric tool Joints


The Arnco H.O.G.’s highly compact and mobile design allows owners the flexibility required for set up on location or in the pipe yard. Its innovative design is highly intuitive and significantly decreases cycle time associated with the removal of hardbanding. The proprietary suspension system solves the problem of consistent removal on eccentrically worn or bent pipe.