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Arnco Technology has led the hardbanding industry since pioneering the use of casing-friendly hardbanding two decades ago. We pride ourselves on protecting your drill string and casing assets by developing leading edge solutions for ultimate wear-protection.

Staying ahead of the industry’s needs continues the drive to develop hardbanding alloys well suited for any drilling environment – an understanding gained from years of field experience in formations world-wide.

Arnco Products Overview

Arnco’s next generation hardbanding products were designed to be non-cracking, high performance alloys that cover the spectrum of wear protection needs by end-users. Whether focused on casing wear reduction or drill string life extension, use of Arnco 150XT™ and 350XT™ produce real economic benefits for pipe owners and well operators. Easy initial and re-application combined with alloys designed to resist in-service damage result in reduced re-application costs over the drill pipe life cycle.

Further, Arnco provides ongoing training and support for its applicator network to ensure meeting high quality standards demanded by the industry. With a network of over 200 applicators spanning the globe, and distribution points worldwide, Arnco is able to quickly service customers and end-users. 

The 150XT™ is the industry’s most casing friendly product combined with high wear resistance. Based on public test results and operator specification documents, there hasn’t been a lower casing wear % test result produced by the Mohr Engineering Casing Wear Test. For operators, drilling consultants, or other end-users most concerned with casing protection, the 150XT™ provides the best solution.

Additionally, the 150XT™ provides high wear resistance (3.5x 100XT™ at similar casing wear rates) at a lower cost to most competitive products. It is an ideal balance between price, durability and casing wear.

The 150XT™ is easily applied onto new or used tool joints as an initial layer and onto worn tool-joints without removal of the previous layer of hardbanding. 

The 350XT™ is the industry’s leader in drill string protection, while being very casing friendly. It was designed by innovative technology using computational sequencing that allows for more precise customization of targeted application and performance characteristics. The 350XT™ was designed for easy weldability (initial or re-application), high wear resistance and compatibility with Arnco and other products.

The alloy system produces very evenly distributed micro-precipitates of hard carbides and borides to form a hardened, tough matrix. The unique properties of this alloy system result in a higher threshold for crack resistance during application or damage while in service. 

The high wear resistance of 350XT™ reduces re-application cycles, lowering maintenance costs and significantly extending the life cycle of tool joints and other drill string components. 



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