The Industry’s First Non-Cracking Hardbanding For Maximum Casing Protection


Arnco’s Original Non-Cracking Alloy



No Spalling or Chipping

Re-Application Without Previous Layer Removal


Arnco 100XT™ was created using an innovative metallurgical design that delivers both adequate tool joint protection and excellent casing wear protection. Arnco 100XT™ delivers a crack-free deposit and exhibits casing wear among the lowest ever measured.
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The inherently low coefficient of friction that is a feature of Arnco 100XT™’s metallurgical characteristics significantly reduces wear caused by contact between the drill string, casing and marine risers and BOPs and can extend the economic life of all the equipment involved.

Arnco is proud of the 100XT™ with it’s proven track record since the late 1990’s as one of our legacy products. The key features of the 100XT™ wire is the non-cracking hardbanding and casing friendliness to maximize casing protection. For customers looking for a casing friendly only specification, the 100XT™ is easily the best choice.

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