The Industry’s Original Ultra-Durable Hardbanding For Maximum Tool Joint Protection


Extremely Durable and Long-Lasting

Very Casing-Friendly

Able to be Reapplied Over Itself

Acceptable Micro-Cracks

Considered the Industry’s Longest Lasting Hardbanding


300XT™ has long been considered the industry’s most wear-resistant hardbanding product and is a favored choice by many international operators and drilling contractors for drill pipe and casing protection. 300XT™ is known to consistently outlast the competition in lab and field tests. It produces minimum casing wear and maintains significantly more open-hole wear resistance versus competing casing-friendly products – qualities needed to protect the drill pipe tool joints from rapid wear found in highly abrasive drilling conditions.

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For customers seeking the durability of the 300XT™ with improved ease of application and the ability to re-apply over competitive materials, the 300XT™ should be considered.

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Usage Calculator

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