The Industry’s Leading Casing-Friendly Hardbanding


Compatible With Every Major Hardbanding Product

Extremely Casing-Friendly

Exceptional Durability


No Spalling, Chipping, or Flaking

Re-Application Without Previous Layer Removal

Highly H2S resistant


Arnco’s 150XT is a durable, casing-friendly, and crack-free hardbanding wire and maintains the industry’s lowest casing wear rate for tool joint protection. The 150XT product was developed to be a crack-free, competitively priced hardbanding product with extremely low casing wear and high wear resistance for tool-joint protection. 150XT is a perfect solution to reduce the casing wear in areas of high side loading.

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After years of continued success with Arnco’s legacy 100XT, we set out to develop a hardbanding material with significantly improved durability while still maintaining the industry’s lowest casing wear rate. As a result, we developed 150XT. With quadruple the wear resistance and double the durability as 100XT, as well as being Arnco’s most casing-friendly product to date, we know we succeeded. For our customers seeking a balance between price, casing-friendliness and durability, 150XT offers the best hardbanding solution available.

The 150XT product is easy to apply and exhibits excellent weldability. It produces a smooth, crack-free deposit with very little spatter requiring minimal post-weld clean-up. 150XT is a similar compound to the 300XT, except this wire is a non-cracking hardbanding solution. 150XT can be applied over itself an unlimited number of times without removal of the previous layer. It may also be applied over Arnco’s 100XT and 350XT®, as well as most comparable products using proper procedures.

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