Advanced Non-Magnetic Hardbanding


Increased Ductility, Greater Resistance to In-Service Damage

Enables Easy, Crack-Free Application Onto Stainless Steel

Significantly Higher Hardness Than Other Non-Mag Options

Delivers Exceptional Wear Resistance for Long-Term Protection


NonMagXT™ is an iron-based alloy that features clear advantages over nickel-based products and other iron-based, non-magnetic welding products. This unique product meets non-magnetic requirements from API Specification 7-1 and ASTM A342-3, with a relative magnetic permeability of less than 1.01.

Arnco’s non-mag alloy exhibits a fine-grained microstructure similar to ferritic hardbanding alloys though the matrix is austenitic, providing greater ductility and resistance to damage while in service.

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When applied, NonMagXT™ produces a smooth, spatter-free weld deposit ready for field use without excessive preparation or cleanup. NonMagXT™ was specifically designed for easy, crack-free application onto stainless steel drill collars. We achieved this by using a low pre-heat temperature of around 200° F (93° C) to prevent harming the integrity of high-cost, non-mag tools.

NonMagXT™ delivers excellent hardness levels for a non-magnetic alloy. When applying a single-layer on stainless steel drill collars, the average Rockwell C hardness is 36. When the product is work hardened during drilling, the hardness can increase to 48 HRC. The product also exhibits excellent wear resistance per the ASTM G65 Dry Sand Abrasion Test, with an average weight loss of 0.78 grams.

Arnco’s NonMagXT™ provides a casing-friendly, non-cracking hardbanding solution for flex collars and other non-mag tools. Our iron-based alloy provides a clear commercial advantage over other nickel-based stainless steel products with exceptional hardness and an easy, crack-free application. The greater ductility resists damage while in service to reduce your overall repair costs.

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