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Why choose

Arnco’s next generation hardbanding products were designed to be non-cracking, high performance alloys that cover the spectrum of wear protection needs by end-users. Whether focused on casing wear reduction or drill string life extension, use of Arnco 150XT™ and 350XT™ produce real economic benefits for pipe owners and well operators.

The next

  • Designed using advanced computational science
  • Crack-Free (single and double layer)
  • Reliable in the harshest drilling environments
  • Re-application without previous later removal
  • Industry-best casing and tool joint protection
  • Easy application and high welder appeal


As an industry standard, Arnco is used by hundreds of operators, drilling contractors and pipe rental companies worldwide. Arnco hardbanding products are specified and used in every active drilling region around the world, and have become the longest standing and most widely used hardbanding products on the market.